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There are lots of law firms. All of them have qualified lawyers, just like Douglas-Jones Mercer. Most offer collectively, many years of experience, like Douglas-Jones Mercer. Some have been established for a long time like Douglas-Jones Mercer. So what do we offer that others do not?

In a word, practicality. Our job is to clarify the law, not mystify it. Clear thinking and accurate drafting are the tools of our trade.

It is this straightforward approach which has helped us become one of the largest law firms in Wales. Our roots go back to 1946, but we are more interested in the present than the past. And right now, what our clients want is efficient and cost effective legal advice.

The key to providing this is not comfortable modern offices, or excellent communication facilities, or intelligent use of computers, though we are certainly well equipped in these areas.

It is the quality of personnel that makes the difference and at Douglas-Jones Mercer we believe that the combined talents of our legal team are second to none. Individually they offer great depth of knowledge in particular aspects of the law. Collectively they offer great breadth. And all of them regularly receive in-service training to keep them up to date on changes in the law. The result is an enthusiastic and lively team ready and willing to tackle any legal problem which our clients present us with.

The same applies to our support staff, without whom our lawyers could not function effectively. By recruiting carefully we have been able to develop a particularly friendly and informal atmosphere while maintaining an efficient organisation.

If this sounds like the kind of legal practice you are looking for, do call us.

You will be joining a client list which ranges from large companies to private individuals, a list which has grown mainly from personal recommendation. They have discovered our philosophy of placing long term value for money before short term economies and they feel at home with it.

In our business, just as in life, that counts for a lot.


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