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DJM Solicitors Become a Member of Certainty – The National Will Register

DJM Solicitors are proud to announce that we have become a member of Certainty, the National Will Register.

What is the National Will Register?

As the name suggests, the register is a database where anyone can register the location of the Solicitor who holds their Will. No further details are registered so that your confidential information never becomes accessible to the public or anyone searching the register. The Register was created by ‘Certainty’ following considerable investment.

Why Register your Will with Certainty?

575,000 people die in the UK each year, and two thirds of adults do not have Wills. However, for those people who have taken the wise step to create a Will, it may not always be found.

A Survey carried out by Certainty revealed the following facts:-

• 67% of people do not know where to find their parents Wills.
• 98% of Solicitors hold Wills at their office where the person has died and the Will has not been administered.
• Over 300,000 people die every year intestate where a Will either cannot be found or was presumed never written.
• 77% of the public were in favour of a voluntary Wills register.

What Happens If I Don’t Register?

• Your beneficiaries may not receive inheritance in accordance with your instructions.
• Your Will may be found after your estate has been distributed.
• The Courts distribute your assets under the rules of Intestacy.
• Your beneficiaries are financially penalised.
• An old Will may be discovered and deemed as your final wishes.
• Family disputes can occur.
• Your children and dependants may not be looked after in the way you have stated in your Will.
• It may be assumed that you never wrote a Will.

At DJM we have decided that it is in the interests of all our clients to make the financial commitment and join Certainty. So if you have a Will and would like to register it then please contact us. Similarly if you are an Executor of a Will then we recommend that you ask the person appointing you to register their Will to avoid any difficulties for you in the future.

Finally, the Register also enables us to carry out a Will search on your behalf – not just against the Register itself, but also against other Solicitors in the country. If you have therefore lost a loved one and are not certain whether they have left a Will, or if the Will you have is the most up to date version, then please contact us for assistance.

Download the PDF here.


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