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Does being a Company Director require any major skills or qualifications?

Every company must have a minimum of one person acting as a director.

Under current UK law, there is no legal demand for a director to hold any form of qualifications, with the exception of those in specific areas such as investment.

Anyone can be a director for a company but currently the government is trying to remove cooperate directors, stopping one company to act as a director to another. However, despite the lack of qualifications required, there are some key skills that will help to enhance the quality and success of your business.

Business Skills
These include an understanding of the different aspects of the business, including finance, marketing, administration and personnel. Having a good understanding of how each of these aspects works is vital to any director.

Practical Skills
Having a strong sense of leadership, good strategy thinking and an ability to perform under pressure are all major factors in being able to direct a workforce, regardless of size.

Understand your limits
To be a good leader it is essential you understand when it is necessary to hand over certain tasks. Being aware of your abilities is a significant skill to hold, as it helps you to delegate tasks to those who are better suited, and also recruit and outsource individuals who can provide more benefits to the company.

More information about the requirements of a Company Director can be found at: Your responsibilities as a director faqs


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