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What are the main intellectual property issues for your website?

When setting up your own website, there are a number of legal issues to take into consideration around intellectual property. Here are the main ones.


The contents of your website is covered by copyright. Make sure you include the words ‘copyright – all rights reserved’ or the © symbol followed by year of creation. This will bring the issue of copyright to the attention of all website visitors, and is an essential part of copyright protection in some countries outside the UK.

However, it is equally as important that your website does not breach anyone else’s copyright. This means you should not include images or text you do not have the rights to, and only link other websites if you have the owner’s permission.

License agreements

There are also intellectual property issues with regard to software. Be certain that all software you use to create and maintain your website is being used in accordance with the license agreement.

Database rights

Furthermore, the databases that power your website might be protected by database rights. Make sure you are aware of these and use the database in accordance. For more information click here.

Design rights

If you get someone else to design your website or create any content, it is essential both parties are in agreement on the intellectual property rights of the creations. Most importantly, make sure to have the agreement in writing.

For further issues to consider and more information, see here.


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