• Construction Law

Construction Law

Construction can be a complex and demanding area of law with specific expertise a necessity. Often swift, decisive action is required taking account of numerous variables. A sound understanding of the fundamentals is essential, as is a good grasp of matters specific to each particular circumstance.

At DJM, we have in depth expertise in all forms of construction disputes, led by our Director Philip Graham who has proven track record. We are able to advise on all forms of the construction process from procurement through each stage of construction to completion and handover. We advise contractors and sub-contractors upon contract terms, whilst for developers we regularly advise on the risks and how to bring projects in on budget and within time.

It is vital any analysis looks not only at the law, but also the commercial, financial, technical and factual realities you may face. At DJM we look at each matter with these factors in mind, relate them to you and find the solution that fits with your objectives. In doing so, we regularly act for our clients under No Win No fee agreements or under a fixed fee agreement for adjudication.

At an early stage, we will evaluate your dispute and establish which options present the most suitable and cost effective resolution for you, including:

  • Negotiation
  • Adjudication, including Adjudication enforcement and challenging adjudication decisions;
  • Arbitration (including Arbitration before the International Court of Arbitration);
  • Determination by Expert
  • Mediation
  • Proceedings before the Technology & Construction Court.

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