• Debt Collection

Debt Collection

At some time or another everyone in business has looked longingly at the 60+ days column on its aged debtors analysis and said to themselves, “I could wipe out my overdraft if this lot were paid.”

Our Debt Collection team can help prevent that happening. Not with any miracle but by doing a lot of undramatic things rather well – thoroughly investigating your debtors circumstances, steadily increasing the legal pressure and if necessary doggedly pursuing them – all with a lacing of common-sense that should stop you throwing good money after bad.

We have developed streamlined procedures for advice, with the option of online contact email updates for maximum efficiency.

We understand that the recovery of debts assists cash-flow and our processes and fees are aligned to this goal. We offer competitive fixed fees for the recovery of your debts, providing you with a swift and economical service.

Please click here to view our pricing guidelines for a debt collection claim up to the value of £100,000 – download our PDF

Above all we are completely commercial in our approach and recognise that no DJM client expects to spend money on debt recovery only to be financially worse off. The relationships we develop with our clients in this field are critical and allow for a flexible and understanding attitude securing the best possible commercial outcome.

Getting to know you and your business will lead to an effective professional working relationship between us. We are aware that not everyone requires the same service, so we will always look to tailor our service to the specific requirements of your business and your debtors.

We ensure that our professional approach maintains business relationships between you and your Debtors, ensuring that the relationship survives, whilst cash-flow is maintained.

Our Debt Recovery team forms part of our overall Dispute Resolution service at DJM and should matters develop to be bigger legal issues then our experienced team are able to assist.

Within DJM’s Debt Recovery team we have a wealth of experience across numerous sectors, including:

  • Tracing service
  • Letters before claim
  • Pre-litigation service
  • Issue of County Court proceedings
  • Requesting judgement (in default)
  • Enforcement of Judgements
  • Advising on prospects of successes or liabilities
  • Personal insolvency
  • Corporate insolvency
  • Collection of book debts for insolvency
  • Practitioners
  • Advice on your credit control requirements and policies

Our Service Experts

Our team has a wealth of experience in providing legal advice to businesses and individuals on an array of issues.

Find out more about our experts, or get in touch to speak to us directly.

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