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DJM’s Insurance Litigation team acts as a legal adviser to a number of Insurance Companies, Corporate clients, and Public bodies.

It’s the role of the team to defend our clients against the effects of other people or entities claims.

If you do find yourself under pressure from a claim, the lawyers in our team will do their utmost to cut the threat down to size with some level headed professional advice. That advice may not always be to fight some claims that are well founded and to the extent that defending them would be an expensive folly, especially bearing in mind that by the time you discover a claim, the other side may well have had up to three years to prepare its case. But by separating the factual from the emotive, we will equip you to make the right decisions.

The heart of the department is a team of specialist insurance lawyers and investigators. We defend both businesses and individuals against a wide variety of claims, covering public liability, employers liability and motor claims.

We are skilled in risk management, to help prevent claims arising in the first place, workplace rules, instructions for use, and contracts of employment – all of these can offer ammunition to the litigant if they are not carefully thought through.

You might call it insurance against insurance claims.

We’re here to help. Speak to us about any of the following, or get in touch to talk to us about something specific:

  • A personal led service
  • Experience and expertise
  • A swift and efficient response
  • A competitive fee structure that reflects our location and size
  • A commitment to meet your deadlines
  • Regular updates on your matters
  • A proactive approach – we aim to ensure you are up to date with the latest legal developments that could impact upon you or your business

Our Service Experts

Our team has a wealth of experience in providing legal advice to businesses and individuals on an array of issues.

Find out more about our experts, or get in touch to speak to us directly.

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